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Shift v8 FAQ
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This article explains the "why" behind the transition to v8, when you'll be prompted to update, what to know before you update, and important differences in the interface and features between v7 and v8. Continue reading for everything you need to know! 🤓


Why the move to Shift v8? 🤔

Here at Shift, we strive to provide the best possible product and experience for our users. Shift v8 is the next step in our mission of making the world a more productive place by helping individuals and teams find focus, and collaborate more easily while empowering users to achieve their goals in the most productive way possible. The move to Shift v8 unlocks huge opportunities for new feature development that were previously not possible on the old version of Shift, v7. Shift v8 retains the same sense of familiarity that you're used to with v7, and you can expect to see the following improvements as soon as you update:


  • Improved performance and native M1 (Apple Silicon) support
  • An even more streamlined browsing experience
  • Full Chrome extension support
  • Global Bookmarks can be accessed anywhere in Shift

When can I expect the v8 update? 

Shift v8 is expected to be released to all users sometime in July 2022. The update will be mandatory, with the exception of Workspace users, as Workspaces are not yet available in v8. If you're a Workspace user, you can continue using Workspaces on a special version of v7. More details, including how to download the special version of v7 here.


At the moment, Shift v8 is available when you subscribe to the Beta channel. If you'd like to update to v8 before the July release, subscribe to our Beta channel. Learn how to subscribe to the Beta channel here.


Before you update 

Make sure to read this article before you update to help ensure a smooth transition.


What's different in Shift v8? 

Good question! There are a few changes in both the interface and features between v7 and v8. We've put together a comprehensive list below to highlight the major differences we know you'll probably have questions about! (HINT: use Ctrl/Cmd F on this page to search for keywords 😉):

What's next?

Check out the v8 roadmap here.


Have an issue or a question you can’t find the answer to? Get in touch with our Support team, here.

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