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How to export your passwords from Shift (v7 Legacy)
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Need a way to export your passwords from v7? We've got you covered! The password export function in Shift allows you to export your decrypted password data to a CSV file. Read below for our step-by-step instructions! 🔐


  1. Click on Options (lower left) > Settings > Passwords > Options (top right) > select Export
  2. Select where you want to save your passwords


Password export privacy and security

When you export your passwords from Shift, you are exporting your already decrypted password data. The export service just formats the decrypted password data into a downloadable CSV file. Remember, when you use the Backup & Sync setting in Shift, your passwords are stored on Shift's servers in an encrypted manner. Your passwords are never stored on Shift's servers in a CSV or plain text format. For more information on how Shift encrypts and keeps your password data safe, please refer to this article.


Remember: the CSV file is not encrypted, meaning your password data on it are visible to anyone who has access to the CSV file. Store the file securely and delete it permanently after you're done using it.


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