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How to update from Shift v7, to Shift v8
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Learn about what the v8 update process looks like, and things to watch out for before you update. During the update process, you'll be presented with several pop-ups. The screen-shotted pop-ups included in this article will appear for both Mac and Windows users. A full video walkthrough is available at the end of this article as well! 📺




  • You will need to log into your apps and emails again after the update.
  • Any opened or pinned web tabs will not transfer over to v8. If these are important, we recommend saving them as Bookmarks in your browser so they can be imported to v8 later.
  • The v8 interface is a little different! There are a few new features and a few features from v7 coming soon. More here.
  • Workspaces are not yet available in v8 (but coming soon). More here.
  • You will need to re-add extensions to your setup. All Chrome extensions are available in v8. More here.

​​​​​​Step 1: Download

In v7, Shift will prompt you to update to the new version of Shift, v8. If you haven't yet been prompted, hard refresh Shift by pressing Cmd Shift R or Ctrl Shift R on your keyboard or go to Options (lower left) > Settings > General > Support and Updates > Check for updates. Once you're prompted to update, click "update" to begin the process.


Step 2: Continue

Once v8 has fully downloaded in the background, you'll be presented with this pop-up. Click "Continue"



Step 3: Export your passwords

The next pop-up you'll see will prompt you to begin the password export process. If you want to transfer your passwords from Shift v7 to v8, click "Export".

Note: this export will create a locally-stored file containing your passwords. The Shift servers do not have access to this file. This file should be deleted from your local drive after you finish the import process to v8, which is covered in Step 5.



Step 4 - Complete the v8 install

If you accidentally skipped Step 3, you'll have a second chance to export your passwords from v7. Click "Restart" to finish the installation of v8.


Step 5 - Open v8 and import passwords

After restarting, v8 will be installed and open automatically. Select "Import Passwords" to import your previously-saved v7 password export file.



Step 6 - Finish the update

Once your v7 passwords have been successfully imported to v8, you will be notified with a prompt. Click "Continue" to begin the faster, lighter, and more flexible experience of Shift v8!



Video walkthrough



What's next?

Find more v8 resources, here.


Find out how to uninstall v8 and move back to v7, here.


Encounter a new issue or have a question you can’t find the answer to? Get in touch with our Support team, here.

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