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Shift 7.2.14 - Released 2022-04-05
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Stable version 7.2.14 has been released to address a few edge-case bugs. 


Bugs Fixed 🐛🔨

  • The in-app Teams page is not displaying
  • Slack is displaying an inaccurate unread count; notification badge does not disappear
  • The OneDrive app is exhibiting incorrect link-handling behaviour when signing in and out
  • Password autofill does not work on certain Zendesk instances
  • The list of mailto links is not scrollable and does not match the order of email accounts in the sidebar
  • For those using "right-to-left" as their system language, sidebar is hidden or displayed as a white strip


Let us know what you think! 💡

If you have any feedback about the latest Shift version, we'd love to hear it! Get in touch with our support team anytime using the Quick Help or Submit Ticket buttons.

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