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Workspaces and Shift v8
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Workspaces are not yet available in v8. Continue reading for Workspace plans for Shift v8, the estimated timeline, and interim support. Don't worry, you'll be able to use a special version of v7 that supports your existing Workspaces even after v8 is released to all users. 💡



The "Legacy" version of v7 is available on Shift v7.2.18! Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to access it!


v8 Workspaces timeline

Our development team is hard at work on reimagining Workspaces, and implementing a new version of Workspaces into v8. The exact timeline for v8 Workspaces is still unknown, but we're estimating sometime later this year. For the latest updates, check back on this article. We'll post the latest updates and timelines for Workspaces here! ⏳


v8 Workspace alternatives

If you've already updated to v8 and want to move back to v7 to access your previously created Workspaces, learn how here. If you move back to v7 from v8, your Workspaces will be intact.


If you weren't a heavy Workspace user, Global Bookmarks may be able to bridge the gap until Workspaces are available in v8. Might we suggest creating Bookmark folders to help manage your most-used web pages? Learn more about Global Bookmarks in Shift v8 here.


What's next?

Check out more v8 resources here.

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