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v8 Roadmap: Missing v7 features coming soon!
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Wondering what the next feature in Shift v8 will be, and when? We've got you covered! This roadmap provides a high-level summary of what we're working on. If you recently updated to v8 from v7, this roadmap also outlines when you might expect to see some of those features you were used to using in v7, implemented in v8. 🔮


Feature Planned for v8 Notes/ETA

 📓Workspace notes

 Late 2022

Ability to upload a custom image on email accounts

 📓 Custom image notes

Late 2022

The ability to toggle off badges in the sidebar for certain apps and emails

📓 Badge notes

Late 2022

Tray minimization options Late 2022
Sync passwords, extensions, and other browser settings across computers 

📓 Using v8 on multiple computers

Late 2022

Unified Search (soon to be Epic Search)

Tip: check out the quick switcher!

📓Intro to Epic Search

Fall 2022

Open a separate Shift browsing window Late 2022
Pinned tabs Late 2022
Right-click and copy the page URL Late 2022
Referral Access Late 2022



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