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How to use Chrome extensions in Shift
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This article outlines how to use Chrome extensions in Shift. 


Shift Chrome extensions are global đŸŒŽ

Signing into an extension in Shift v8 applies this extension to all your added emails and apps. You cannot sign into multiple accounts of the same extension.


Certain extensions will only work in your Primary Shift Account email.


This is due to the way cookies are handled within Shift. Extensions, where activity is dependent on and tied to a single email, such as mail trackers, CRMs, etc., will only work in your Primary Shift Account. Some examples include:


  • SalesForce
  • HubSpot
  • Mailtrack
  • Mixmax
  • Copper
  • Streak
  • Boomerang

If you need one of the above extensions to work in a secondary email account instead of your Primary, we recommend changing your Primary Shift account email.


How to add an extension to Shift v8

  1. Open Shift and click on the extension icon towards the upper right corner
  2. Click on "Add Extensions" to add a new extension
  3. Search for the extension name in the search bar on the right-hand side
  4. Once you find the right extension, click on it and then click "Add to Shift"
  5. Once the extension has finished installing, a new tab should open automatically, prompting you to log in
  6. If a new tab does not open, click on the extension icon again, click on the extension, and then log in
  7. In case the extension doesn't appear for you right away, double-click on your email icon (top-right corner, next to your calendar and drive icons). Doing this will help ensure the extension fully loads and allow you to log in!

How to manage and remove added extensions

You can view all extensions added to Shift by clicking on the extension icon in the upper right corner. To manage your extensions, click on the extension icon, and go to "Manage Extensions". Click Details for more information about the extension. Click on the slider next to an extension you wish to disable. Click Remove to delete:



What's next?

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Encounter a new issue or have a question you can’t find the answer to? Get in touch with our Support team, here.

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