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How to use keyboard shortcuts
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Shift has its own list of custom keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts are built right into Shift and cannot be customized or disabled. This article covers the complete list of keyboard shortcuts in Shift, including how to use app or email-specific keyboard shortcuts. 💻


How to use app or email-specific shortcuts

Shift should honor most shortcuts for individual apps, emails, and websites. To access app or email-specific keyboard shortcuts, click on the app or email in your sidebar and then click anywhere on the page to bring it into focus. Then, use the keyboard's desired shortcut that's specific to that app, email, or website. 


Shift keyboard shortcuts

Action Description Mac Windows
Undo Undo previous action Cmd Z Ctrl Z
Redo Redo previous undone action Cmd Shift Z Ctrl Shift Z
Cut Cut Cmd X Ctrl X
Copy Copy Cmd C Ctrl C
Copy Paste Match Style Copy and Paste Match Style Cmd Shift Optn V Ctrl Shift Alt V
Paste Paste Cmd V Ctrl V
Select All Select All Cmd A Ctrl A
Find Brings up text box for search Cmd F Ctrl F
Find Next In find mode, find next match Cmd G Ctrl G
Find Previous In find mode, find previous match Cmd Shift G Ctrl Shift G
Navigate Back Go back to previous tab Cmd [ Ctrl [
Navigate Forward Move to next tab Cmd ] Ctrl ]
Go Home Go to "home" page of current app Cmd Shift H Ctrl Shift H
Navigate to Email Navigate to Primary Email account Cmd 1 Ctrl 1
Navigate to Calendar Navigate to Primary Email calendar Cmd 2 Ctrl 2
Navigate to Drive Navigate to Primary Email Drive Cmd 3 Ctrl 3
Navigate to Google Services Navigate to Google Services Cmd 4 Ctrl 4
Previous Account/App Go to previous account/app Optn Cmd Up Arrow Alt Ctrl [
Next Account/App Go to next account/app Optn Cmd Down Arrow Alt Ctrl ]
Navigate to Right Tab Go to tab to the right of current tab Optn Cmd Right Arrow Ctrl Shift ]
Navigate to Left Tab Go to tab to the left of current tab Optn Cmd Left Arrow Ctrl Shift [
Open new tab Open new tab Cmd T Ctrl T
Open link in background tab Open link in background tab Cmd Click Ctrl Click
Close Tab Close current tab Cmd W Ctrl W
Next Tab Hold down the Ctrl key and click the Tab key to toggle downwards (forward) through tabs. Ctrl Tab Ctrl Tab
Previous Tab Hold down the Ctrl + Shift keys and click the Tab key to toggle upwards (back) through tabs. Ctrl Shift Tab Ctrl Shift Tab
Open Quick Switcher Hold down the Ctrl key and press Tab to activate the quick switcher. Continue to tap the Tab key to toggle through tabs.  Ctrl Tab Ctrl Tab
Dismiss Dismiss the quick switcher Cmd Esc N/A
Open Settings Open settings panel Cmd , Ctrl , 
Quit Quit Shift Cmd Q Ctrl Q
Zoom In Zoom in an increment Cmd = Ctrl =
Zoom Out Zoom out an increment Cmd -  Ctrl -
Reset Zoom Level Reset zoom level Cmd 0 Ctrl 0
Print Print the page Cmd P Ctrl P
Reload Reload current instance Cmd R Ctrl R
Hard refresh Reloads Shift Cmd Shift R Ctrl Shift R
Developer Tools Open developer tools Cmd Shift I Ctrl Shift I
Focus Address Bar If in a tab, places focus on the address bar Cmd L Ctrl L
Close Window Closes the currently selected tab context Cmd W Ctrl W
Toggle Full-screen Toggle full-screen mode Ctrl Cmd F F11
Exit Fullscreen Exit full-screen mode Esc Esc
Minimize Minimizes the window Cmd M Ctrl M
Start Dictation Start dictation Function D Win H
Emoji & Symbols Open emoji & symbols keyboard Function E Win ;
Show/Hide Bookmark Bar Shows/hides the bookmark bar Cmd Shift B Ctrl Shift B
Hide Shift Hides the Shift window Cmd H N/A
Hide Other Windows Hides other windows Cmd Alt H N/A


The "Restore Tabs" keyboard shortcut function is not currently available in Shift.


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