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How to use the Mute Notifications tool
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Need to get rid of all the distractions? For any period of time? Or just during meetings? Learn how here.


The Mute Notifications tool has been carried over to v8 from v7 and allows you to:


  • Temporarily disable email, calendar, and app notifications (or a select combination of the 3)
  • Temporarily mute notification and playback sounds
  • Automatically mute notifications when you're in a meeting (detects via your email calendars)

How to enable the Mute Notifications tool

  1. Click on "Options" (3 little horizontal dots in the lower-left corner of Shift)
  2. Click the bell icon ("Notifications")
  3. Select your muting preferences


Looking for app-specific notification management? More on that here.


What's next?

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