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How to add and manage Bookmarks
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This article covers all the basics you need for using Bookmarks in Shift! Learn how to add a new bookmark, manage bookmarks and folders, hide and show the bookmarks bar, and export your bookmarks. Your bookmark bar in Shift is global, meaning it will appear everywhere in Shift. đź”–


Want to import bookmarks from your browser or a file/export bookmarks? Learn how here.


How to add a new bookmark

  1. Start a new search in the v8 browser by either clicking the "+" button or typing directly in the search bar
  2. Go to the website you'd like to bookmark
  3. Click the "star" button (right-hand side of the search bar)
  4. Edit the name and select which bookmark folder this bookmark should be saved in
  5. The bookmark will now appear in your bookmark bar

Note: the "Other Bookmarks" folder acts as a hidden folder and will not appear in your bookmarks bar



How to create a new bookmark folder

While it's not yet possible to add a new bookmark folder via a right-click action and context menu directly from the bookmarks bar (don't worry, we're working on adding this soon), you can manage your bookmark folders via the bookmark manager page:


  1. Right-click on a saved bookmark or folder in your bar and click Bookmark Manager (or type chrome://bookmarks in the search bar)
  2. Click on the three dots on the top right and select Add a new folder
  3. Give the folder a name and click Save
  4. Add bookmarks to the folder as desired

How to manage bookmarks

You can manage your bookmarks from the bookmark bar. Please note that you won't be able to manage bookmarks from the bookmark manager page (chrome://bookmarks) directly.



How to re-arrange your bookmarks directly from the bookmark bar:

  1. Go to the bookmark bar on Shift
  2. Click-hold on the bookmarks/folders you want to manage and move them according to your preferences



How to hide and show the bookmark bar

If you're looking to maximize space in Shift, you can hide your bookmarks bar anytime! Here's how:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut to hide/show the bookmark bar (press Ctrl Shift B for Windows or Cmd Shift B for Mac).
  • Toggle via the settings page. Go to Options (lower left) > Settings > Appearance > toggle Show bookmarks bar as desired

What's next?

Encounter a new issue or have a question you can’t find the answer to? Get in touch with our Support team, here.

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