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Can an email be added to a Workspace?
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Currently, it's not possible to add an email account to a Workspace. You can open tabs, save Bookmarks, and add supported apps to Workspaces. However, you can still use the web tabs to log into your email within the Workspace. You can also add your Calendar and Drive apps for your email within the Workspace.

When you use an email in a web tab you won't get any desktop notifications that you would usually get in Shift.


  1. Navigate to your email provider's website
  2. Log in and use your email


You can also add non-Gmail/Outlook/Office365 email apps within workspaces such as iCloud, Yahoo, and Zoho:


  1. In your Workspace, click the Home button, then click on "Add Application"
  2. Search for email applications and add them as desired
  3. Sign in


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