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Shift 7.2.12 - Released 2022-03-03
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Did you know that the month of March has a full moon event called the "Worm Moon"? Do with that information what you will...





Stable version 7.2.12 (the "Worm Stable") doesn't contain any worms, but it does include fixes for several pesky bugs. Most notably, the HubSpot extension is now functioning as expected, the Windows tray icon is not freaking out, and Shift's Password Manager is no longer confused. You'll also notice that a "Manage Subscription" button has been implemented in the "Billing" tab within Settings. This button takes you to the online Account Portal where you can manage your subscription.


Bugs Fixed 🐛🔨

  • The HubSpot extension becomes inactive and disconnects after a period of time
  • When selecting log in credentials, the space behind the Password Management drop-down selection becomes unclickable
  • Badge notifications are not appearing for the Telegram app
  • The Shift tray icon is not displaying properly within the tray for Windows users
  • Shift's Password Manager is detecting regular forms as login fields and auto-populating credential information


Other Notable Updates 👀


  • New "Manage Subscription" button in the "Billing" tab of the Settings page
  • Extensions updated to the latest versions
  • A new batch of apps was added including Upwave, Wellness Living, Podia, Hiveworld, Opteo, and many more


Let us know what you think! 💡

If you have any feedback about the latest Shift version, we'd love to hear it! Get in touch with our support team anytime using the Quick Help or Submit Ticket buttons.

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