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What to do if your Vault Password shows as invalid (v7 legacy)
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Issue Summary¬†ūüďĄ

There is currently a known issue where some users are randomly being prompted to enter their vault password. When entering the vault password, an "invalid" error message is delivered. In some cases, saved passwords cannot be accessed after entering the vault password.



Status: Fix request submitted with development ‚Ź≥

A fix request has been submitted to our Development Team. We don't have any estimates for when a fix will be released.


Temporary Workaround¬†ūüí°


To resolve this issue, please try restarting your computer. Then, launch Shift and enter your vault password when prompted.

If the above does not help, please reset your application data (note that you'll be signed out of all your email accounts and applications, and all opened and pinned web tabs will also close). Instructions on how to do so, are below:

  1. Head to Options (lower left) > Settings > General 
  2. Scroll to find Reset application data at the bottom
  3. Click "Reset App Data" and follow the prompt
  4. Shift will launch again automatically after a moment or two. When it does, select "Log in with existing account" and log in using your Primary Shift Account



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