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How to fix download or upload issues
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If you're having issues uploading, or downloading attachments while using Shift, this article is for you. Often, there is a system preference that must be enabled to download or upload files. Read below for OS-specific tips! 😁


Mac users

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Security and Privacy.
  2. Select Privacy on the upper right
  3. Select Full Disk Access
  4. Then click on the + sign and add Shift


Windows users

  1. Go to Start Settings Privacy > File system
  2. Ensure "Allow apps to access your file system" is toggled on
  3. Check if Shift is toggled on under "Choose which apps can access your file system"


Following these steps will grant Shift access to your files and folders making it easier to download things in specific folders and upload files to emails from your computer.

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