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Shift is unresponsive, uninstalls or is flagged by antivirus
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Running into a suddenly unresponsive Shift, spontaneous uninstall, or antivirus flag? You're among friends. Not to worry, we have a bit more information behind this sudden flag and tips for how to resolve it. 💡🔐


Check your antivirus software

As the title implies, if you're running into an unresponsive Shift or it seems to have spontaneously uninstalled itself, make sure to check your antivirus software. If you notice that Shift has been flagged and is quarantined, that will explain why it's no longer working.


Why is my antivirus software suddenly flagging Shift?

A recent update from a few antivirus vendors has suddenly (and wrongfully) flagged Shift (specifically the .exe files in most cases) as being a threat. Our security team has confirmed this is a false positive that is erroneously being flagged by some vendors as malware (namely Avast and AVG). Often, the error code shows as IDP.Generic, which is a very general code and isn’t specific to any one file. Some antivirus vendors use heuristic analysis to attempt to detect viruses. However, this is known to create false positives as it’s trying to identify general characteristics rather than actual known malicious files. 


We have followed up with the antivirus vendors identified so far to help ensure this false positive does not get flagged moving forward. We understand this can cause concern and we don't take these flags lightly, even if they're erroneous! Rest assured, the .exe and all Shift files are safe to run. If you feel comfortable, we recommend marking Shift as safe in your antivirus or making what's often called an exception. You may also need to uninstall and re-install Shift.


** Note - this issue is fixed on the new version of Shift, v8, which is now live on the Alpha channel. Learn how to update to the Alpha channel, here. **


What's next?

Questions? Concerns? Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.


Read more about privacy and security in Shift here.

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