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Troubleshooting Basics
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Though Shift IS pretty awesome, no tool is perfect! Minor glitches may pop up from time to time. Fear not, use this article for some basic, but effective troubleshooting tips, and to help you identify other resources for some more advanced tips. 🤓


Our top 3 basic troubleshooting tips

  1. Hard refresh. Just like it sounds, this refreshes the entire app. Press Cmd Shift R or Ctrl Shift R on your keyboard to hard refresh.
  2. Emails: Click into your email and double-click the Email icon towards the upper right corner to fully refresh your email.
  3. Apps: Add a second instance of the app to your setup (don't delete the first instance giving you issues). Log into the second instance, then delete the first.

Additional troubleshooting guide

If the above tips aren't working for you, don't worry! We have a quick guide below to help point you in the right direction: 📰


Description of Issue Article
Your email is unresponsive, not working as expected, or you're having issues logging in. Email troubleshooting     
Your web app is showing a blank page, not working as expected, or you're having issues logging in. App troubleshooting
You still see sent with Shift, even after paying. Sent with Shift setting
You're being prompted to upgrade, even after paying. Upgrade prompt troubleshooting
You're having issues with notifications Notification troubleshooting
You're running into some slowness or general performance issues Performance issue troubleshooting
You're running into an issue with one of Shift's supported Chrome extensions Extension troubleshooting


What's Next?

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Still need help? We're here to help! Get in touch with our support team here.

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