Mailto Links Fixed

We have heard the issue that some Shift users are facing with Mailto links and Google Chrome, so we wanted to provide support to resolve those ASAP!  This issue comes from the fact that Shift cannot change personal Google Chrome settings.  Because of this, the Mailto protocol handlers in Google Chrome are often set up so that Mailto links open in a Gmail browser tab, rather than in Shift. This means that they cannot be deleted automatically when a user changes Shift to their default mail client.  

Good news, though! We can help you manually delete these protocol handlers to fix this problem.

If you are a Mac user:

  1. Open Chrome settings

  2. Click “Show advanced settings”

  3. Under “Privacy”, click ‘Content settings’

  4. Under “Handlers,” click ‘manage handlers’

  5. Allow sites to task to become default handlers for protocols (recommended).

If you are a Windows user:

  1. Open Chrome Settings

  2. Click “Advanced” drop-down

  3. Under “Privacy and Security,” click ‘Content Settings’

  4. Click “Handlers"

  5.   Click and enable "allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols      (recommended). 

Once you have completed these steps and Shift is set as your default mail client, Shift will open and compose the Mailto link, rather than Google Chrome.

Thanks for using Shift!

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  • 22-Sep-2017