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How to close down Shift and manage your tray options
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Need to fully close down Shift and ensure it's not running in the background? You've come to the right place! 🙌


How to fully close Shift

If you click the X in the upper right corner (Windows), or the red dot in the upper left corner (Mac) to close Shift, you may notice that it's still running in the background. That is because the minimize to tray setting is turned on by default.


You can use the handy keyboard shortcut Ctrl Q or Cmd Q to fully close down Shift (just make sure Shift is not in full-screen mode first).

Learn about more keyboard shortcuts here.


How to manage your tray options

To manage your tray options, go to Options (lower left) > Settings > General > Tray Options > toggle the settings accordingly:



What's next?

Complete your setup and learn about Shift's best features in our Getting Started section here.


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