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Shift 2022 product roadmap sneak peek
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We have some big, exciting plans for Shift in the New Year! See below for our sneak peek into our 2022 product roadmap. 🔍👓


Extension Library Expansion

We know, we know. We've been saying it for a while. This time we really mean it (we swear)! So much in fact that we've put our proverbial money where our mouth is. Our development team is actively working on making changes to Shift that will allow for greater Chrome extension support. No more wondering when Dashlane or AdBlocker will be integrated! 🤓


Native Mac M1 Support

Sure, Shift runs alright in emulation at the moment, but soon, you won't need Rosetta 2 at all for Shift! We're actively working on an Arm-based M1 Shift app. For all you Mac users out there: you're welcome! 🍎


Performance Enhacements

Our latest meddling comes along with some MAJOR performance enhancements (the most significant yet)! Shift will be faster than ever and light as a feather. ⚡🦅


While the timeline for all the above is still a little fuzzy (hey, we don't want to spoil the anticipation TOO much 😉) you can expect these upgrades to roll around sometime in the second quarter of 2022. 


P.S.: Consider yourself a power user and want early access? Subscribe to the Alpha channel to get the latest updates!


What's next?

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