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Shift 7.2.6 - Released 2021-12-08
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The season of giving is upon us, and the Shift squad is feeling especially festive with this new Stable release! ūüéĄ The elves at Shift HQ have been quite busy, and version 7.2.6 includes fixes for several juicy bugs. Here's a summary of what's been squashed:


Bugs Fixed¬†ūüźõūüĒ®

  • Microsoft Dynamics app won't open due to incorrect link
  • Passwords are not importing to Shift from Google Chrome
  • Body & content of iCloud emails not displaying in Shift
  • Download notification no longer appears in Shift unless you hover your mouse over the Shift sidebar or top navigation bar
  • Microsoft Teams is not picking up microphone audio for Mac users
  • Slack unread notification badge is not showing after reloading Shift
  • Cannot drag and drop files into Shift

Other Updates ✅

We're continuing to update Shift's underlying framework, in an effort to provide greater stability and improvements to overall performance.


Let us know what you think!¬†ūüí°

If you have any feedback about the latest Shift version, we'd love to hear it! Get in touch with our support team anytime using the Quick Help or Submit Ticket buttons.

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