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How to customize your Shift settings
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To access your settings, just click on Options (three dots in the lower-left corner) and then click Settings.




You can now save your addresses and payment methods within Shift v8. Securely save and conveniently populate those long fields when you want to avoid having to type your details out. 


You can blacklist certain websites such that Shift will never store your passwords for those sites.


If you accidentally clicked "Never Save Password" you can head over to Settings > Passwords > Never Saved and remove the website that you accidentally added.


Privacy & Security

Within the Privacy & Security settings page, you have control over what information and data are collected by websites when using the Shift browser.

You can clear your history, cache, and cookies with a click of a button. Control which websites can collect cookies while having greater control over your cookies altogether. Choose between three levels of browsing protection which are enhanced, standard, and no protection. Lastly, you can also control things like your geo-location, camera, microphone, and webpage notifications.


There are no right and wrong setting here, it all depends on your browsing style


We highly encourage you to try out these settings and see what works for you



You'll notice that an "Appearance" section has made an appearance (haha) within the settings page. Within this portion of the settings page, you can adjust the font size, font type, link highlighting preferences (when clicking the tab key), as well as whether or not you'd like a warning pop-up to appear when you quit Shift (preventing Shift from accidentally shutting down). 


Note: Customizing fonts won't change the fonts on a webpage or within an app


Default browser

This setting is as simple as it sounds: make Shift your default browser so you can have all your apps and other work-related stuff in one place without clutter.


Psst! The correct choice here is to make Shift your default browser :) 


On startup

You can choose how Shift will behave upon launch. Have the New Tab page open, continue where you left off when Shift was previously open, or open a specific page or set of pages. 



What's Next?

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