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What do if you're unexpectedly being prompted to enter your vault password (v7 legacy)
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If you're unexpectedly promoted to enter your Vault Password (wondering what A Vault Password even is? Read here). out of the blue and are wondering why you've come to the right place for answers! 💡 Below are a few cases of when and why you might be prompted to enter your Vault Password:


  1. There's been a sync issue between your Shift setup and the server. This is usually accompanied by a yellow communication error banner. Read more about this here.
  2. You might have logged into the wrong Primary Shift Account (maybe you're on a new computer or you got logged out and had to log back into Shift). Read here on how to determine what account you're signed into Shift with and how to sign out.
  3. Another unknown connection error has occurred. Sometimes, software just has a mind of its own and things can go wrong! 🐛 If neither of the above scenarios applies to you, a computer reboot usually does the trick.
  4. If you find restarting your computer doesn't work, please try an app data reset. You'll need to log into your emails, apps, and extensions again, but this usually helps resolve a wide range of issues. Here's how to reset your app data:
    1. Click Options (lower left) > Settings > General > Reset Application Data
    2. Click on "Reset App Data" button on the far right and click Proceed
    3. Shift will shutdown and then restart immediately on its own
    4. Click Log into an existing account and login with your Primary Shift Account

    What's next?

    Learn about more answers to frequently asked questions and basic troubleshooting tips here.

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