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Destroying your password Vault
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Destroying your password Vault in Shift removes your passwords saved in your list and also removes your encrypted password data from Shift's servers. Destroying your Vault effectively wipes all your password data and will be as if you're starting new! It goes without saying that destroying your password Vault is a permanent action that cannot be undone. Below are a few examples of when you should consider destroying your password Vault and considerations before you do¬†ūüí°


When should I destroy my password Vault?

Below are a few cases of when it would be a good idea to consider destroying your password vault in Shift:

  1. Your Primary Shift Account (the email your Shift account is tied to) has been compromised
  2. An unauthorized person has gained access to your Vault Password/Emergency Kit (what's this)?
  3. An unauthorized person has gained access to your computer or it was stolen
  4. You changed computers but did not sign out of Shift and another person is now using your old computer

If any of the above or something similar has occurred for you, we highly recommend considering destroying your password vault to prevent any unauthorized access to your password data (read how below).


When should I NOT destroy my password Vault?

Below are a few examples of when you should not destroy your password vault:

  1. You logged into your Shift account on another computer and don't have access to your Vault Password/Emergency Kit (what's this)?
  2. You're unexpectedly prompted to enter your Vault Password out of the blue (read here for a few quick troubleshooting tips if this has happened to you)!

Method 1: destroy your Vault via the in-app prompt

When prompted to enter your vault password, click on Destroy Vault and follow the prompts:

If you need to get the enter Vault Password prompt again, you can follow these steps based on your OS:

Method 2: destroy your Vault via an account deletion

Our support team can delete your Shift account for you, which will delete your password Vault along with it. If you have a paid subscription, our team will ensure your paid features are added back once you create a fresh account again. Read more here on how to request an account deletion.


What's next?

Learn about Backup & Sync Passwords here.


Learn more about how your password data is kept safe here.

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