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Import passwords is not working
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Issue Summary¬†ūüďĄ

After attempting to import passwords from Chrome, the completion screen shows that 0 passwords have been imported:



Status: Fix available on the Beta channel ✅

A fix for this issue has been released to the latest Beta channel, 7.2.5. 

The Beta channel contains our middle range of power users with access to features and fixes before they make their way into Stable. Beta is a bit experimental in nature than the Stable channel, so it's common to find a few more issues. With that said, overall, the Beta channel is still a safe environment to be in.

You can always move back to the Stable channel after updating to the latest Beta. 


How to update to the latest Beta channel

If you prefer not to move onto Beta right away, the fix will be available on our Stable channel in approximately 3-4 weeks.


Temporary Workaround¬†ūüí°

While the import mechanism is not currently working, anytime you log into an email, app, or website in Shift with an unsaved username and password, you'll still be prompted to save it to your password vault. Once the password has been saved, you can use the auto-fill settings as usual.


What's next?

Check out the latest Stable release notes here.


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