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Microphone not working on Microsoft Teams for Mac users
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Issue Summary¬†ūüďĄ

Mac users will not be able to use their microphone in the Microsoft Teams app in Shift. When attending a meeting in Teams, Mac users are able to use the camera, but the microphone doesn't transfer any audio.



Status:¬†Fix request submitted with development¬†‚Ź≥

Our development team is actively working on a fix for this issue. A timeline for a potential fix is not yet known.


Temporary Workaround¬†ūüí°

There is a temporary workaround that solves the issue. After you see the pop-up that says "Are you sure you don't want audio or video" press Cmd R (Mac) or Cntrl R (Windows) and that should refresh the Teams page and give Teams access to your microphone. 


What's next?

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