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Shift 7.2.1 - Released 2021-09-28
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The days are getting longer, but the sun is still shining bright! Shift version 7.2.1 is here. This version contains a massive "under the hood" upgrade that can help you to be your most productive self yet! Here's a summary of what we did:


Bugs Fixed 🐛🔨

  • Slack desktop notifications were not working at all (read here)
  • HubSpot app and extension showed a "Checking your browser" page and never properly loaded (see here)
  • Gitlab app also showed a "Checking your browser" page and never properly loaded (read here)
  • The Google Keep service and app did not always properly show pinned tabs or allow users to create new notes (see here)
  • The Crello app did not allow for users to scroll
  • Some apps and webpages crash shortly after use, showing the previously loaded web view when they do
  • Custom image for Gmail accounts appears blurry
  • Badges for Microsoft Teams were not working
  • Some users lost Microsoft Teams accounts after updating to the latest version of Shift

Other Updates ✅

We've updated Shift's underlying framework, providing greater stability and improvements to overall performance.


Let us know what you think! 💡

If you have any feedback about the latest Shift version, we'd love to hear it! Get in touch with our support team anytime using the Quick Help or Submit Ticket buttons.


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