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Onboarding for the Admin: how to start a new team
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The Shift for Teams Admin is the only one on the team who has the ability to purchase licenses for the team, is the only one who will get receipts for purchases, manage the team's billing and subscription, and is the only one able to view and manage team members in the dashboard. Learn more about the difference between the Admin and Member roles here.


If you're your team's Admin, follow the quick steps below to create a new team:


  1. Download and create a new Shift account
  2. Go to Options (lower-left) > Settings > Teams > click "Invite your Team"
  3. Purchase a subscription for yourself. After purchasing, press Ctrl Shift R or Cmd Shift R on your keyboard to register the upgrade
  4. Purchase additional licenses by clicking on "Purchase" and then selecting the number of additional licenses needed for your team members
  5. After purchasing, type in your team member's email, and click "Invite Team Member"

Once you invite your team members, they'll get an automated email with a link to join. Once they join, they'll gain access to add unlimited emails, apps, and Workspaces to their own setups, along with access to use Extensions and all the great power tools in Shift!



What's next?

Have your invited team members follow our quick onboarding steps here.


Did your team member not get the invite? Check our quick troubleshooting tips here.

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