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Onboarding for the Admin: how to start a new team
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The team Admin has access to the Team dashboard and is able to purchase additional licenses as well as assign and unassign purchased licenses as needed. The "Admin" title is automatically given to whoever first starts the Team by purchasing additional licenses and is the team's main point of contact for all account changes and billing-related inquiries.


A team Admin can follow the quick steps below to create a new team:


  1. Download Shift from the website and create a free (Basic) account
  2. Click Options (lower-left) > Settings > Teams > and select "Invite your Team"
  3. Purchase an initial license. After purchasing, press Ctrl Shift R or Cmd Shift R on your keyboard to register the upgrade
  4. Purchase additional licenses by clicking on "Purchase" and then selecting the number of additional licenses needed for your team members
  5. After purchasing, type in your team member's email, and click "Invite Team Member"

Invited team members will receive an automated email inviting them to accept an invite to join your team in Shift. After accepting, they'll have access to the full features of Shift.




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