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How to edit Workspace settings
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If you have Admin permission for a Workspace, you can change the Workspace settings. This includes the Workspace name, description, and icon that appears in the sidebar for it. Help keep all your Workspaces organized with these few easy-to-use settings!

If your Worksapce is shared with others, you'll see a prompt asking you to confirm any changes you'd like to make to the Workspace. The changes to make will be reflected for all collaborators automatically.


How to change a Workspace icon/photo

  1. Right-click on the Workspace in your sidebar and select "Settings"
  2. Click on the photo beside the Change Workspace Icon heading
  3. Select a photo from the default list, or upload a custom photo from your computer (note the size limitation of 50 pixels x 50 pixels)

The icon will be reflected in your sidebar.



How to change a Workspace name or description

  1. Right-click on the Workspace in your sidebar and select "Settings"
  2. Change the name and description as desired
  3. Click the x to save the changes

The name and description will be reflected in your sidebar when you hover your mouse over it or see the description from Expanded view. Learn more about changing your sidebar settings here.



You can also change the name, description, and icon directly from the home page in the Workspace:

  1. While in the Workspace, click on the "Go Home" button towards the upper left corner of the Workspace
  2. Click directly on the name and description and start typing to change
  3. Click on the icon above the name to change


What's next?

Learn more about Workspaces here.

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