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Desktop notifications are not working for Slack
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Issue Summary 📄

Have you noticed that you're getting new badges for unread Slack messages but no desktop popups? Us too! There is a known issue where desktop notifications (pop-ups) are not working for Slack. When you receive a new direct message, or other notification (according to your Slack preferences) you'll likely hear a sound, and see an unread badge, but no pop-up.


Status: Fixed: Available on Beta 7.2.1 

A fix is available on our latest Beta channel, 7.2.1. To learn more about what the Alpha channel is and how to subscribe to it, check out this article.


Don't worry! If you don't want to subscribe to Beta, the fix will be available in Stable in about 3-4 weeks. If you do decide you'd like to subscribe to Beta temporarily, you can always move back to Stable anytime (it's all covered in the Beta article linked above 😉)


What's next?

Check out the latest Stable release notes here.


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