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Does Shift combine my calendars and inboxes into a single view?
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Shift allows you to incorporate all your email accounts, apps, and websites you use the most into one place. You might be wondering: does Shift have a feature that combines all my inboxes and calendars for each into a single view? The answer is no! In fact, Shift does the opposite. Let us explain... 💡


Within each supported email account you add to Shift, by default, the email, calendar, and drive services are added for each. A big advantage of having your accounts completely separated is that through notifications and unread badges, you'll know exactly where your attention is needed. For the multi-taskers, entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and everything in between, you likely need to wear a few different hats. Having your inboxes separated and specific notifications for each lets you know at a glance, what hat you need to put on and when. Don't have a notification in your side-business account? Then no need to even go there! No need for FOMO and context switching when it's not needed. Shift will let you know when there's a new message for you to review within that specific inbox. 😎


That makes sense, but what about a unified calendar?

There are easy ways you can share your calendars with one another, as long as those calendars are the same email type (e.g. sharing a Gmail calendar to another Gmail calendar). This can be done directly in your email settings. We've curated a couple of articles from Google and Microsoft below. Each contains easy, step-by-step instructions that you can follow:


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