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Does Shift combine my calendars and inboxes into a single view?
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Shift allows you to add all your email accounts, calendars, and apps into one centralized place.


Within each supported email account you add to Shift, by default, the email, calendar, and drive services are added for each. A big advantage of having your accounts completely separated is that through notifications and unread badges, you'll know exactly where your attention is needed.


Having your inboxes separated and specific notifications for each lets you know at a glance, what hat you need to put on and when. Don't have a notification in your side-business account? Then no need to even go there! No need for FOMO and context switching when it's not needed. Shift will let you know when there's a new message for you to review within that specific inbox. 😎


What about a unified calendar?

Shift's "Unified Calendar" feature combines all your daily calendar events into one unified view. Learn more about Unified Calendar, here.


There are also easy ways you can share your calendars with one another, as long as those calendars are the same email type (e.g. sharing a Gmail calendar to another Gmail calendar). This can be done directly in your email settings. We've curated a couple of articles from Google and Microsoft below. Each contains easy, step-by-step instructions that you can follow:


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