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Keyboard Shortcuts
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Shift has its own list of custom shortcuts. You can find the full list of keyboard shortcuts by going to Options (lower left) > Settings > Shortcuts or by pressing the keyboard shortcut below.


Mac : Cmd + / 

Windows : Ctrl + /


Additionally, Shift should honor most shortcuts for individual apps and emails. Shortcuts cannot be customized or disabled.



Why can't I switch between apps with the App Switcher Shortcut? 


If you’re using a Non-English keyboard you may need to use a different keyboard shortcut for the App Switcher below.


Mac : Cmd + ` or Cmd + ~ or Cmd + <

Windows : Ctrl + ` or Ctrl + ~ or Ctrl + <


What's next?

Complete your setup and learn about Shift's best features in our Getting Started section here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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