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How to customize your sidebar
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Your sidebar is where everything lives! Customize the colors displayed for your emails, add helpful descriptions, and change the style of the sidebar itself. Check out our quick tips below to make your sidebar work for you! đŸ€©


Changing your sidebar style

Shift has three options for your sidebar style: Compact, Standard, and Expanded. To change your sidebar style, simply right-click anywhere on your sidebar and select the style you want.



Changing your theme

You can choose from Dark, Light, or Auto (changes according to your OS). Learn how to change your theme here.


Changing your email display settings

  1. Right-click on the account you'd like to edit  
  2. Click edit account 
  3. Type in an account name. This name will appear below your email address when you hover your mouse over them or fully display if your sidebar style is set to Expanded
  4. Click the Change Color icon on the right-hand side to change the border color for your account

Note: If you already have a photo set in your email settings, Shift will grab that photo and display it for you in the sidebar automatically. If you don't have a photo set in your email settings, your email will appear with a letter (the first letter of your email address) in a colored circle.


Changing your app display settings

  1. Right-click on any app in your sidebar and select "Edit" to open the Edit Application menu
  2. Choose a color and set an account name

When you set a name, this name will appear when you hover your mouse over the app in Compact and Standard views, and display fully when in Expanded view.


What's Next?

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