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Shift 1.4 - Released 2017-12-31
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Feature Updates:

  • Clicking on links leading to google apps will open in Shift rather than in a new browser.

  • Changes to the design of the trial badge to make it easier for users to upgrade.

  • New download instructions have been added to make assist users in installing Shift.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved: Users reported they could not downgrade to Shift Basic.

    • Updated so that users should no longer see an error message when downgrading to Shift Basic.

  • Resolved: Mac users are unable to update Shift.

    • Users can now update their Shift applications.

  • Resolved: Different authentication process when adding an Outlook account.

    • Shift will now authentic normally regardless of operating system.

  • Resolved: Users not able to re-authenticate secondary 365 accounts.

    • Updated so authentication process will continue normally.

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