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About camera, microphone, and other permissions
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Have you noticed that some apps and actions in Shift pop a permission pop-up window? The pop-up window you're seeing is permission handling within Shift. For example, when you click a link that requires access to your camera, microphone, or would normally launch an external application, a permission window will pop prompting you to allow or block it. 


Once you click "Allow" once, your selection will be remembered within the account you selected it in, for that particular session of Shift. If you hard refresh or exit out and reopen Shift, the permission prompt will show up again. There isn't currently a way to always remember the selection you made if you close and reopen Shift.

There is no way yet to have Shift always remember what your clicked. Whenever you close and reload Shift, the permission prompt will pop again.




What to do if you clicked "Block" or exited out of the pop-up

If you accidentally clicked "Block" or exited out of a permission pop-up, you'll just need to fully close and reload Shift for the permission window to pop again. To hard refresh Shift please follow the instructions below based on your operating system:


Mac: Cmd + Shift + R

Windows/Linux: Ctrl + Shift + R 

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