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How to bring up the enter Vault Password prompt (Windows)
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Using Shift on another computer and need to pull up the enter Vault Password prompt again? You've come to the right place! Below are the steps you can use to show the Vault Password prompt again 🔑


  1. Fully close Shift (press Ctrl Q on your keyboard)

  2. Search for "Credentials" from your desktop search bar > select "Credential Manager" > select "Windows Credentials"

  3. Find "Shift Secure Vault/Shift" and expand it on the right-hand side

  4. Select "Remove" and follow the prompt

  5. Launch the Shift desktop application and you should be prompted to enter your Vault Password or destroy your vault

  6. Enter your Vault Password (that you would have already saved from your other computer) into the prompt and click "Unlock" (read more about where to find your Vault Password here)


What's next?

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