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Shift 7.1.11 - Released 2021-06-24
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Summer has arrived, just in time for our latest and greatest release! Shift version 7.1.11 contains key performance improvements and bug fixes to ensure that you are your most productive self this summer. ☀️

Bugs Fixed 🛠

  • Select website backgrounds are replaced by the previous application/website/account that you are on in Shift
  • The login fields on the LastPass extension pop-up window are unresponsive
  • Saving the Shift Emergency Kit results in a blank screen without the option to save, exit, or print the Emergency Kit information
  • Clicking a Zoom link in Shift does not launch the meeting
  • The font in Shift is inconsistent in the Settings portal
  • Printing a webpage from Shift is unresponsive
  • Logging into the MixMax extension does not work
  • Adding an App to a Workspace causes two icons for the App to appear in the Workspace Preview (macOS)
  • Signing into the Google Drive App opens the sign-in page in a new tab
  • Logging into the Grammarly Extension does not work if the Grammarly App is added to the Shift sidebar

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