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How to use your non-Gmail and non-Outlook emails in Shift
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Have a Yahoo, iCloud/Apple Mail, Zoho, Proton, or Exchange-based email? We have web apps you can use to connect these emails to your Shift setup! Simply click the "+" in the lower-left corner and select "Add Application." Search for the name of the email you have, and add the app that supports it 💡


Exchange-based emails can be added to your setup using the Outlook Web App.


You may be able to add a privately hosted email via a workaround. Check how to add a POP email into Shift. If that workaround doesn't work, you can still access your privately hosted emails via the Shift browser.


Gmail/GSuite emails hosted by Google and Outlook/Office 365 emails hosted by Microsoft can be added by clicking the "+" and selecting "Add Account." The reason Yahoo, Apple Mail, and others mentioned above must be added as applications instead of as an account is that the currently supported accounts have API integration, which allows for integration with power tools such as Unified Search, Mailto links, and Mute Notifications features. Since Shift does not have API integration with non-Gmail and non-Outlook/Office 365 accounts, those emails must be added via a web application. 


For any email or messaging-style apps you've added to Shift, we recommend turning auto-hibernate off for them. Read more about managing notifications for apps here.


What's next?

Learn about managing notifications for emails here.


Learn how to use the Mute Notifications feature here.


Learn more and complete your setup using our Getting Started section here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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