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How to create your Shift account
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Supported devices

Shift supports Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. At this time, Shift does not support Chrome OS, tablets, mobile devices, or devices in "tablet" mode. Before downloading, it’s important to note that we recommend you have at least 8Gb or more of RAM on your computer for Shift to run smoothly. You can download Shift directly from our website here: Download Shift.


Click on the “Download Now” button. The download will immediately drop into your downloads folder on your computer. Simply follow the prompts to set up Shift and away you go!


Supported email types

Shift currently supports the following email types to be added as accounts:

  • Gmail and G-suite
  • Outlook (e.g. hotmail, live, msn, etc.)
  • Office 365

These accounts must be hosted by either Google or Microsoft. You will need to sign into Shift for the first time using one of the supported email types listed above ✔


Your Primary Shift Account

Getting started with Shift is easy! After you download Shift, click Get Started, and create a new Shift account by logging into your email.



The email you use to log into Shift for the first time is your Primary Shift Account. When you hover your mouse over this email in your sidebar, the words Primary Shift Account will appear underneath:


If you choose to upgrade, your Primary Shift Account is the email account your Advanced subscription will be tied to.


What's next?

Complete your setup and learn about Shift's best features in our Getting Started section here.


Use an email type that's not listed above? We've got you covered! Read more here.


Want to change your Primary Shift Account? Learn how here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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