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File and attachment drag and drop issue
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Issue Summary 📄

There's a known issue where dragging and dropping file uploads or attachments does not work in Shift. If you try to drag and drop a file to add it as an attachment in an email or messaging app, the file won't upload.


Status: Fix available on the Alpha channel 

A fix for this issue has been released to the latest Alpha channel, 7.2.4. The Alpha channel allows you to interact with our newest features, extensions, and apps in Shift before we release them to our other channels. It is quite a bit more experimental than Beta and Stable, so it is expected that you may encounter other issues there. You can always move back to the Stable channel after updating to the latest Alpha. 


How to update to the latest Alpha channel

If you prefer not to move onto Alpha right away, the fix will be available on our Beta channel in approximately 3-4 weeks, and finally Stable in an additional 3-4 weeks after that.


Temporary Workaround 💡

Try dragging and dropping starting from right to left (i.e. drag the file into the right-hand side of Shift). As long as you don't drag the file over your Shift sidebar (left-hand side) dragging and dropping files into Shift will work. 


What's next?

Check out the latest Stable release notes here.


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