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Shift Power Users: How to use Shift to manage multiple clients
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We chatted with Don, a power user and member of Shift's community about how she uses Shift to manage multiple clients. Our customers say it best! Keep reading to find out Don's tips and tricks for managing multiple clients using Shift! 🙌


Tip 1: add colors and photos to your emails to help you differentiate clients

Don recommends changing your email account photo to reduce the risk of sending an email from the wrong client's inbox (hey, we've all been there)! To change your email account icon go to Options > Settings > Accounts and click on the photo icon. From this page, you can also change the color outlining the account.


Tip 2: create a Workspaces for each client

"Click on the client’s Workspace and you’re good to go!” 


Don recommends setting up a Workspace for each client and giving them a name and uploading the client logo to keep each client separate, but still have all accounts and apps within one platform. Don often bookmarks important websites and online documents for her clients that she visits frequently to save her time. 

Need a little more inspiration for how to use Workspaces? Check out our Blog: 5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Workspaces.


Find out how to use bookmarks in Shift here. 


Tip 3: use the app switcher for quick navigation

"Shift will save you countless keystrokes by giving you quick access to all of your resources relating to multiple clients."


Use the Shift app switcher to quickly toggle between apps for different clients. Don often uses the Shift app switcher to toggle between different apps which "saves her the headache" of searching for the app she needs related to her client. For her, the app switcher allows her to seamlessly switch among tasks and clients.

Mac: Cmd + ~

Windows and Linux: Ctrl + Tab


Tip 4: use the built-in password manager in Shift

Don utilizes Shift’s built-in Password Manager to help ensure her accounts are kept safe and secure (no more having to remember long, complicated passwords)! Shift's Password Manager allows you to avoid logging in and out when differentiating between client accounts/apps. Go to Options > Settings > Password Manager to turn this feature on! 

Learn more on getting started with Shift's Password Manager here.


What's next?

Learn more about Workspaces here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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