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What to do if you're having an issue with an extension in Shift
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Having an issue logging into one of Shift's supported extensions? Don't worry! We have 5 quick tips to help you get up and running. Check them out below 👇:


1. Make sure you use the extension icon to log into the extension

Always use the extension icon towards the upper right corner to log into your extensions:


2. Log into the extension for each account, app, and workspace you want to use it

You will need to sign in to the extension of your choice in each email account, application, and Workspace you've added to your setup. Through the use of separate partitions, you can utilize different accounts for the same extension or simply log into the same account of your extension multiple times. If you log into your extension in one email, you won't be automatic logged into it in another email. You'll need to log into the extension in each email you want to use it in.


3. Make sure you authenticate within Shift

Some extensions will open up a new tab to log in. Make sure this login tab is opened within Shift or in a new Shift window. If the tab opens in your default browser instead of Shift and you log in there, Shift can't recognize you're logged in, since you'd be logging into a completely separate environment! You can make sure the login tab opens within Shift by toggling this setting:


  1. Go to Options (lower left) > Settings > General > Functionality
  2. Scroll to find Open links in Shift and enable it on the right-hand side


4. Double-click your Email icon to refresh your inbox

Double-clicking on your Email icon (towards the upper right in your Shift) can help give your email the extra little refresh it needs to register your extension login. 


5. Temporarily remove the app version of the extension from your setup

If you try logging into the extension and already have the app added to your setup, Shift may automatically switch over to the app when you click on the extension log in, preventing you from logging into the extension properly. To avoid this, remove the app from your setup until you get logged into the extension. After that, add the app back once you're logged into the extension.


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