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How to fix a fully blank screen or if Shift won't load (Mac)
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If you're a Mac user and you’ve run into a fully blank screen in Shift or you're noticing Shift is no longer starting up for you, this is the article for you! 😎


First and foremost, please check what version your Mac is using. You must be using 2.13 Version 10.11: "El Capitan" or higher. If you're using 2.12 Version 10.10: "Yosemite" or earlier, Shift will not work. You must update your Mac to a later version to continue using Shift if you're currently on Yosemite. If you're already running a version higher than Yosemite, continue reading!


A manual app data reset is what is usually needed and almost always helps set things right. Don't worry, your setup will be intact after a reset. You won't need to set up Shift again. The only thing you'll need to do is sign back into your emails, apps, and extensions afterward.


  1. Ensure Shift is fully closed and not running in your activity monitor (press Cmd Q to fully quit Shift if Shift is not in fullscreen mode)
  2. Click your desktop to move the focus away from any other apps, then choose "Go" from the top menu
  3. With the Go menu open, hold down the option key to reveal the hidden folder Library, then click to open
  4. Double click on "Application Support" folder to open
  5. Find and delete the Shift folder from within Application Support (~/Library/Application Support/Shift)
  6. Open Shift and log in with your Primary Shift Account



Tip: Make sure Shift is fully closed down or the steps above won't work! Pull up your system-wide search and look for Activity Monitor, then end any Shift processes, and try these steps again!


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