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Shift Partner Program
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Wondering whether or not you are eligible to join our partnership program? Or what you can gain from partnering up with us? You’ll find the answers here!

Here at Shift, we have a great partner program. The program offers reward opportunities and commissions to app partners, publishers, ambassadors, influencers, and affiliates up to 30%. 🤩


Before you reach out...

Before getting in touch with us, please read our few quick FAQs below 👇

  • Shift's partnership program is through the Partnerstack platform.
  • We are not currently looking for or accepting blog writers or guest posts. Thanks for thinking of us!
  • We require your company's web app to be in Shift before any partnerships. If your web app is not yet supported in Shift, please reach out to and we would be happy to help add it!
  • Examples of partnership topics with Shift: Blog Mentions & Case Studies, Email Advertising Opportunities (275k+ list), Your CEO Spotlight, Monthly Newsletter, and Digest feature placements, Social Media collaboration (Instagram focus), Joint Webinars and so many more! Shoot us an email at, and our partnership team will get back to you with topics to discuss between Shift and your company.

Getting started with Shift's partnership program

  1. Download Shift. While not a requirement, understanding the software you’re promoting is crucial!
  2.  Complete the application: Go to the application.
  3. Look for our approval message in your email. We typically approve new partners within 24 - 48 hours. Make sure to check your spam/junk folders!

Set up your Partnerstack account

Log in via

Navigating your Partnerstack dashboard

Once you log into PartnerStack, you'll have to accept the program's Terms of Service to have full access to your dashboard. After that, you can access all Shift resources, track payments, create custom links, and spread our love for productivity!

  • Links allow you to access your unique link to share with your referral base, as well as create custom links to generate sales.
  • Referrals show you who has signed up/or purchased with your link and provide an overview of each referral's activity.
  • For more resources, check out this link! Here you can find marketing assets and essential tips for promoting Shift.

If something isn't working on your dashboard, you have concerns about payment, or you can't log in - please contact PartnerStack at


All about payouts

There are different payout structures for different types of partners. However, anyone can earn their way to a 30% commission on the first year of Shift’s one-year license ($99 USD at full price). Challenges are also available to all partners, and you can earn up to $50 USD for creating specific promotional material.


Payouts are made monthly. On the 8th day of each month, sales are assessed and approved and payouts are made on the 13th. Payouts are made through PayPal or Stripe. Simply select a payment provider and you’re all set!


Below is our current payout structure. We're also happy to boost rewards when a partner is excelling and there will be a variety of opportunities to win challenges! 🤑



Promotion challenges

Challenges are a great opportunity to increase your payouts. We host a variety of challenges with awesome rewards. Shift wants to reward you for creating high-quality content and challenges are the perfect way to showcase your promotional efforts. For example, you can earn up to $50 USD for creating a 3-minute video on YouTube promoting Shift — it’s that easy!


How to promote Shift

Some of the best ways to promote Shift include blog posts, social media posts, and email marketing. We often have exclusive deals, and limited-time offers to send out to our partners that see great conversion rates. You can post a video review of Shift on YouTube, include Shift in a list of top productivity apps, or send out emails with exclusive deals for your audience. We're happy to provide insight into what types of content drive the most sales and help develop strategic promotional material. Some additional tips:

  • Do not bid on any of our branded keywords via Google Ads
  • Do not use any coupons aside from the one provided to you
  • Do not use any coupons that aren't explicitly stated for premium use

If you have questions about the Shift Partner Program, you can contact us at and we will do our best to answer any questions. 


If something isn't working on your dashboard, you have concerns about payment, or you can't log in - please contact PartnerStack at


We can't wait to see your success within the Shift Partner Program! 😍

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