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Shift 6.0.61 - Released 2021-04-04
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Our latest and greatest Stable release is here! Check for updates now to ensure that you gain access to Shift Stable 6.0.61. 


  • The Shift extensions you know and love are no longer causing a blank screen upon startup
  • The Evernote app is back in action! Signing into Evernote no longer results in a blank screen
  • Shift tray icon has been adjusted for macOS Big Sur users to automatically adjust depending on your theme (light, dark, automatic)
  • Three additional Google Services have been added to Shift: Google Maps, Google Translate, and Google Dashboard

Bug Fixes

Here is a full list of the issues we were able to resolve in this release. Thanks for your ongoing support in surfacing these bugs so our engineering team can squash them!

  • Typing in the Google search bar in Shift automatically adds search suggestions and navigates to the first search suggestion website

  • Certain email accounts in Shift are blank and cannot be reloaded (on macOS Big Sur)

  • Signing into the Evernote app results in a blank web view

  • WhatsApp inaccurately displays an unread badge count of one when there are no unread messages

  • Extensions are causing a blank web view upon startup

Discover a new bug? Reach out to our support team here.

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