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Shift 7.0
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Say hello to draggable tabs, incognito and secondary windows, as well as performance improvements of up to 20% across Shift. Shift 7.0 is full of updates and improvements to kickstart your productivity. 🤩

Shift 7.0 is currently on Shift's Alpha Channel. To get early access to the latest features in Shift click here for steps to access the Alpha Channel. 

Secondary and Incognito Windows

Any link in Shift can now be opened in a separate secondary window with all of your extensions accessible. Secondary windows are ideal for those using multiple windows, as you can seamlessly drag your secondary window to your monitor. To open any link in a secondary window you can either right-click on the link and select "Open link in new window" or use our handy keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + N. 



Incognito windows can be used in Shift when you do not want your browsing data, history, cookies, or cache saved. To open an incognito window in Shift, simply use the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + N. 


Draggable Tabs

Drag and drop your tabs with ease to seamlessly streamline your workflow. Organization has never been easier with Shift's newest feature: draggable tabs. 

How to Use Draggable Tabs

  1. Open a new web tab in Shift 

  2. Click on the tab and drag it wherever you choose


Performance Improvements 

Web-tabs are loading 20% faster on Shift 7.0 across all Mailboxes, Calendars, Apps, and Workspaces. Access any website at the click of a button, and with draggable tabs, you can drag and drop your tabs to remain organized and efficient across all areas of Shift. 



What's next?

Learn more about using secondary and incognito windows here. 


Want to switch back to the Stable Channel? Learn how here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.


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