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How to find what account you're signed into Shift with and how to sign out
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The email you use to log into Shift for the first time is your Primary Shift Account. This email is important as it will be the one that you'll need to use to log into Shift to access your account (and paid features if you've upgraded)! Find your Primary by hovering your mouse over your emails in your sidebar until you find the one that has the words Primary Shift Account underneath it:



You can also find your Primary by looking in the Shift menu:


  • Windows: Press Ctrl \ to show the top menu in Shift. Click "Application" in the upper left corner and note the email that appears in the drop-down

  • Mac: With Shift open, go to the top right corner of your computer and click on "Shift" next to the Apple menu


How to sign out of Shift

If you find yourself logged into the wrong account or want to create a brand new account, simply sign out of Shift and then either sign in to a different existing account or create a new account:


  1. Select "Sign out of Shift" from the Shift menu (see above) and follow the prompts
  2. Select "Log into existing account" or "Get Started" to create a new account

What's next?

Want to change your Primary to a different email? Learn how here.


Recent domain change or no longer have access to your old email? We can help! Learn how here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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