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How to find what account you're signed into Shift with and how to sign out
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Suddenly being prompted to upgrade unexpectedly? This article is for you! Continue reading below to learn about your Primary Shift Account and how to sign out of Shift in case you signed in with the wrong account.


What is a Primary Shift Account?

The email you use to log into Shift for the first time is your Primary Shift Account. When you purchase a Shift subscription or join a team, this is the email that is associated with your paid features and profile. This is also the email you'll need to use if you ever get signed out of Shift, perform an app data reset, or want to use Shift on a different computer.


How to find your Primary Shift Account

Find your Primary by hovering your mouse over your emails in your sidebar until you find the one that has the words Primary Shift Account underneath it:



Alternatively, go to Options (lower left) > Settings > Accounts. Note the email that has the Primary Shift Account icon greyed out. This is your Primary Shift Account:


How to sign out (Windows)

  1. Press Ctrl \ to show the top menu in Shift (or go to Options > Settings > General > Appearance > enable Show application menu)
  2. Click "Application" in the upper left corner
  3. Click Sign out of Shift and follow the prompt


How to sign out (Mac)

  1. With Shift open and in focus, go to the top right corner of your computer and click on "Shift" next to the Apple menu
  2. Click Sign out of Shift and follow the prompt

Note: When you sign out of Shift, your app data will get cleared in the process, meaning all data that is saved locally will be cleared. Learn more here.


What's next?

Want to change your Primary to a different email? Learn how here.


Recent domain change or no longer have access to your old email? We can help! Learn how here.

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