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Shift 6.0.56 - Released 2021-02-25
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Shift 6.0.56 has been released to the Stable channel! As a foundational member of the Shift community, we wanted to let you know the latest improvements to Shift. 🛠


  • Grammarly, Zoom Scheduler, Mailtrack, and Simplify Gmail extensions have been upgraded to the latest version

Bug Fixes

  • Shift is not restarting in macOS Big Sur
  • Extensions are not loading after restarting Shift
  • Signing into the Zoom Scheduler extension through Google is resulting in an error message

  • Whatsapp badges are not appearing if you are using the app in any language other than English
  • Downloading files from the Hive app results in Shift closing the tab in use
  • Video attachments from Gmail will not play sound
  • Audio is not working in the Castbox app regardless of volume preferences
  • Sound is not playing in the PocketCasts and Google Podcasts apps
  • Badges are not working properly for the Workplace chat app
  • Hive app is opening in a new tab rather than the main Shift window
  • Podcast audio is not playing in the Spotify app inside of Shift 

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Get access to the latest version of Shift here to apply these improvements and bug fixes! 


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