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Using the Shift Browser
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Shift is built on the Electron framework. Electron is Chromium-based. The browser in Shift will offer a similar experience to that of Google Chrome. That said, however, a full Chrome browser and the browser in Shift are by no means the same! You can think of Shift as its own browser 💻


Can I change the default browser in Shift?

At the moment, no. One of the main benefits of Shift is that it truly does help keep your web tabs organized much better and more easily than you ever could in any browser. When opening links from your apps or emails, you can simply open them directly within that app or email in Shift. If you click into a different email or app, that web tab won't be there to distract you.


If you prefer not to use the browser within Shift, no problem! You can change your links to open in your computer's default browser outside of Shift instead. Just go to Options (lower left) > Settings < General > Functionality > scroll to find "Open links in Shift" and disable it on the right-hand side.


What's next?

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