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Submitting a Bug Report
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Have you recently identified something in Shift that isn't working as expected? Follow the steps below to ensure that the Customer Support team can identify the issue quickly and effectively. 

Before submitting a ticket to the Shift Customer Success team, take a look at our list of Known Issues which entails existing bugs and an estimated timeline for when these bugs will be fixed. 


How to submit an effective bug report

  1. Let us know the steps to reproduce the issue in as much detail as possible. Please include any troubleshooting methods already taken so we can direct you in the best way possible.
  2. Tell us the expected result. What is the expected outcome vs. the actual outcome you have experienced?
  3. Include any additional details that will help us quickly identify (and fix) this issue.
  • If you are reporting a performance-related issue, please provide details on your computer specs (ie. RAM, CPU)
  • If you are reporting a blank screen or sync issue, please refer to this article on fixing a blank screen in Shift
  • If you are reporting either an application-specific or extension-specific bug, please include details on the exact app or extension that you are experiencing issues with.

Bug report template:

Enter a summary of the problem here.


Steps to reproduce:
Enter detailed steps to reproduce here. More detail is better.


Expected result:

What Shift would have done if the bug was not present vs. what Shift did after you tried the steps listed to reproduce? 


Screenshot or screen-recording:

Attaching a screen recording or screenshot of the issue you are experiencing will help us attempt to reproduce the issue on our end. 


Additional details:

Add any additional details that are relevant to your bug report here.

Debug logs, the RAM on your computer, when you started experiencing this issue, using Shift on multiple devices, etc. 


Example of a useful bug report

The Workplace Chat app is not displaying badges on the app icon in the Shift sidebar. 


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add the Workplace Chat app to Shift and sign in

  2. Send a message/mark one unread

  3. There will not be a badge on the app icon in your Shift sidebar.

Expected result:

The badge should be displayed to notify me that I have a missed alert. 


Screenshot or screen-recording:


Additional details:

I have ensured that my badges are turned on in my Shift Settings as well as in the app itself. 


Receiving a bug report using the format listed above will ensure we escalate the issue to the Shift development team after testing the bug ourselves. 


What's next?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section here for the most up-to-date information on new issues and troubleshooting methods.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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