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What is the difference between free and paid plans in Shift?
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Check out the handy summary below that highlights the differences between Free (Basic), and Paid (Advanced/Teams) subscriptions in Shift.

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 Shift Basic 


Shift Advanced


Shift for Teams

# emails 2 Unlimited Unlimited
# apps (outside workspaces) 1 Unlimited Unlimited
# computers (Windows & Mac) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Workspaces (with ability to share)

Desktop notifications

Password Management

Remove Sent with Shift signature
Mute Notifications
Add Google Services
Shift extension library (see here)
Unified Search
Consolidated billing
Team management dashboard


Shift Basic (Free)

With Shift Basic, you can add up to two email accounts and one application to your Shift setup. Additionally, you can also use Shift Workspaces, and any apps you add within a Workspace, with the option to also store your bookmarked browser tabs and share your Workspaces with whoever you choose. Never miss a meeting or an alert with the help of desktop notifications. 


Shift Advanced (Paid)

Shift Advanced allows you to make the most of all of the features Shift has to offer. Access Shift's extension library, Google Services, add an unlimited number of apps (with over 1500+ apps to choose from), and manage unlimited email accounts right from inside of Shift. Shift Advanced also provides you with access to additional power tools:


  • Use Unified Search to seamlessly search through contents from all your added email inboxes, calendars, and Drive services to quickly find what you need when you need them.
  • Use Mute Notifications to automatically turn off desktop popups and sounds for new messages during meetings, or cut out distractions for a set time when you need to get some deep work done!


Shift for Teams (Paid)

Shift for Teams gives you the advantage of being able to easily manage licenses for your team, with the added convenience of unified billing. Each Shift Team will have a Team Admin, who can manage the team's subscriptions from right inside of Shift through the Team dashboard. Team members would have all the same access as Shift Advanced users and have the ability to add whatever emails, apps, and workspaces of their own Shift setup. Your team members' setups are their own and independent from the Team Admin and from other Members.


Shift for Teams has the most features out of all three of our options and is a great solution for teams with multiple accounts and applications. From team sizes of 2 to 200, Shift for Teams is the solution to help keep you better organized and focused!

Shift for Teams tip: If you’re looking to add some control to your members’ setups, we recommend creating Workspaces and giving team members view-only access. This way, your team members would have access to the Workspaces you set up and would not be able to alter them. Click here to learn more.


Learn more about Shift for Teams here.


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